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  • Why Engage a Professional Designer?
    ● Professionally trained Designers are able to help you define your style and needs. In so doing, save you time ● Assist with budgeting and planning ● Liaise with the numerous trades and professionals required on the project ● Help you to maintain your sanity throughout the project ● Offer the resources, collaboration and “Trained Eye” required to deliver the WOW factor
  • What can I expect to pay for a Kitchen?
    The Kitchen is the heart of the home and should therefore be a priority when undertaking renovations that add value to your home. The general rule of thumb is to spend no more than 7.5% to 10% of the value of the property. Small/Entry Level Remodel: R25,000.00 - R75,000.00 Mid Range Kitchen Remodel: R75,000.00 - R150,000.00 High End/Larger Remodel: R150,000.00- R250,000.00 +
  • Which is better, Quartz or Granite
    What is Quartz? Quartz is slightly different from granite in that it is not 100% natural. Countertops are manufactured using 95% quartz and 5% polymer resin. What is Granite? Granite is a very hard stone that is 100% natural. It's mined all over the world, cut down to manageable sizes and then polished to a fine finish. One of the main reasons quartz has exploded in popularity is its appearance. Quartz has the look of stone while allowing homeowners to customise the design. While granite offers many options in terms of appearance, you may have to search for the right piece that matches your colour scheme.
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